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Utilising advanced statistical modelling algorithms, we deliver comprehensive solutions complete with round-the-clock analytics through our liquidity dashboard. Integrated with 80 of the industry's leading Centralised Exchanges, we offer seamless API-driven connectivity to your accounts, all while ensuring you maintain custody of your assets.


For institutional clients, we extend the same level of control and flexibility offered by our non-custodial services. This is facilitated through our highly secure, proprietary account management software, where we manage liquidity provision on your behalf.


About us

Founded in 2022, SKL Trading stands at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and financial acumen. Specialising in digital asset management and algorithmic liquidity solutions, we offer an integrated platform tailored to meet the nuanced needs of discerning institutional clients.

With a highly skilled team of PhDs, engineers, and software developers, we provide seamless integration options through FIX and REST API, ensuring that our platform effortlessly aligns with your existing infrastructure. At SKL, we don't just manage digital assets; we engineer liquidity.

Assets Under Management (AUM)
Monthly Trade Volume
Working with 50+ Institutions
testNavigating Digital Innovation

We serve as catalysts for institutional players, unlocking exclusive avenues in the burgeoning digital asset landscape.

testYears of Tactical Acumen

Our extensive know-how, rooted in our team's involvement since 2016, enables us to weather all market conditions successfully.

testSolid Foundations Built on Financial Tenets

Infused with a culture that respects the age-old rules of traditional finance, we tailor these principles to establish a resilient governance and control structure within the digital asset arena.

testIcon Signifying Adherence to Risk Protocols, Ethical Conduct, and Legal Standards with Compliance and Governance at Its Core

Our DNA is deeply woven with an unwavering focus on risk mitigation, governance fidelity, and complete regulatory conformity.


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